GILDERS® Colorizing Paste Wax Foundry Bronze (30ml/1oz)

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This wax-based medium can be used to add non-fading color or a gilded finish to materials such as Metal Castings, Filigree, Brass Stampings, Ceramics, Wood, Etched Glass, Polymer Clay, Resin & more! It can be applied as-is to clean, dry, oil-free surfaces with a cloth, cotton swab, sponge, your finger... or thin it with paint thinner to create a paste, paint, stain or wash. Smooth surfaces should be slightly roughened with fine grit sandpaper or steel wool before application. Gilders Paste dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes and completely dries in 12 hours with no tacky residue. One tin of Gilders Paste covers over 30 square feet of surface area. Choose from different UV resistant colors which can be layered to create stunning & unique finishes & textures!

FAQ: product is hard, is there anything I can do to rejuvenate the product. Yes, just add a few drops of either; paint thinner, mineral spirits, turpentine or Turpenoid (turpentine substitute) knife in and mix. You're ready to go. The ability to rejuvenate this product allows a long shelf life. There is no need to mix up the whole tin, just mix what you need as you need it. Gilders Paste goes a long way. Important: do not use any oil base cleaners/solvents such as Turpenoid Natural. The oil content of these types of cleaners/solvents will not allow the Gilders Paste to dry and will remain wet or tacky for days to weeks. If you have accidentally used this type cleaner/solvent leave the tin open until completely dried out and then follow the suggestion for rejuvenation above.
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MarqueGILDERS® Paste
CouleurFoundry Bronze
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